Systems & Scale

What if you could envision, grow, and
strategize the next 5 years of your
VA business all while chilling in a sweet ass
Chateau, with a crew of awesome friends,
and two real deal business mentors?


You’re not dreaming.

You just happen to have found exactly what you need.

::Spoiler alert: It’s a mini vacay full of
luxury, laughter, and learning.::

Yea, you know you need this. (It’s okay. You can admit it.)

Maybe you’re just a wee bit tired of —

  • sitting at your desk day in and day out for soooo long that you check the clock (it’s 10pm) and realize — “holy crapballs, I have NO idea what the weather was like today!”
  • gently reminding your clients that you’re not available at midnite during the week (or actually, ever) but you can’t seem to stop answering those late night emails… GAH!
  • pulling your hair out every time a client asks you to do something you don’t really understand on a software or technology you don’t really know (but you can’t exactly tell them “no!”)
  • spending tons of money (and time) on courses that aren’t helping you get more clients, grow your business or manage your time more effectively — to be honest, you’re just more overwhelmed than when you started!
  • working on projects that don’t really excite you, for clients that give you the heebie jeebies… but you gotta suck it up, because work is work, right?


Work only feels like work when you haaaate it.

And you know what? It doesn’t have to be that way.

After all, you didn’t start this whole VA business because you needed a job. Quite the contrary, you have tons of skills and experience. You could be doing anything you set your mind to. You chose to start this business because you have bigger dreams.

You chose to take your lifestyle (and your destiny) into your own damn hands!


So why are you spending more time trapped behind your laptop and less time prancing around the globe, grabbing drinks with girlfriends, and cuddling with your loved ones?

Because sitting there, for hours on end, struggling alone — when your real life friends and family don’t “get it” — well, it’s NOT the effin’ picnic you thought it would be.

Sure, you want to work from anywhere…. But you also want sunshine and faces in the flesh!
And while we’re crafting a wishlist here, you’d like a gigantic group hug, a fancy cocktail and some kick ass business advice too….

You’d like to start –

  • taking a vacation (or even lunch) whenever you feel like it (instead of not at all) because you’ve got a system and a team in place to handle your clients while you’re away and you like beaches and vineyards and cozy cabins as much as the next girl!
  • booking new clients that you absolutely adore instead of just anyone that comes your way because you have enough confidence, loyalty and incoming business to be picky – you’re the boss, after all!
  • using more softwares with ohsomuch savvy since you have a crew of business besties to lean on for support and expertise whenever you hit a blind spot.
  • raising your prices without raising hell – you love your clients, but you’re also excellent at what you do and you have every right to build your little empire your very own way.
  • offering higher and higher levels of service, because you’re finally making enough money to outsource the little tasks that are below your pay grade – you know what I’m sayin’?
  • spending more time with your loved ones without constantly worrying about client requests because they never really stop and you’re in charge and everything is ordered and appropriated the way it’s supposed to be.

You’re ready to create the future you’ve been
dreaming of, but for that to happen, you know you need to do things a little differently.

You know you need a change.

What you need is to give your VA/OBM business a little break.
(Read: You need to give YOU a little break.)

We know all about this struggle, and it’s definitely REAL.


Just two extremely busy OBMs who found — after doing business the lonely, stressed, confused way for wayyyy too long — that we work better, feel happier, and experience more success when we work together.

Legit Names: Shannon Davis & Tiffany Manley.
{Click on down for our life (and business) deets!}


Our secret recipe for success is combination of three key factors —

gold-perspectiveWhen you’re stuck in your own little shell – clamoring for clients and banging away at that keyboard to check things off the list (“gotta check ‘em all!”) – you miss the big picture. Maybe it shows up as working until midnight. Maybe it appears as a irritability with your partner or best friend (been there). But somewhere along the way, you forgot why you’re doing this in the first place. Sure, money – but that’s not really all it’s about for you. You want more than that. And in order to get clear again, you need to get out of that close-up view and step back. You need a “time out” to look at everything with new eyes and tweak what’s not working.
gold-perspectiveWhen was the last time your “in real life” best friend, boyfriend, husband (or wife), or parents were like “oh yeah, I totally get it!” and meant it? Sure, they care and they try and you’re lucky to have that. But let’s be honest. They don’t fucking get it. They don’t know what it’s like to sit at home all day, isolated and unsure if you’re doing the right thing with your life. There’s a reason “solitary confinement” is punishment in the prison system – because it’s torture! You need other humans to thrive. Ideally some smart, fun, cool ones who understand the work you’ve chosen and what’s really.frickin.hard. about it.
gold-perspectiveSo no one told you that part of your job was knowing everything about everything? Well, it is. Because as a VA you’re not just serving ONE executive and sharing ONE system. You’re sharing tens, hundred, or more. And the likelihood that you just know all the things is pretty damn slim. Chances are, you’ll need some business training to get you up to speed on the best softwares and systems out there and HEY, having people to ask for help whenever you need it (because doesn’t that stuff always happen when you’re least expecting it?) is pretty key too.

So where does a savvy VA get some much needed perspective, support, and resources on a consistent, daily basis?

In a strong community.

Which is precisely why we’re building the one that we wish existed with a dash of fun and pampering too.

And we’re starting with Systems & Scale.

Systems & Scale is THE retreat for VAs and
OBMs that will change the way you do
business, forever.

Because when your home is your office, you really need some time away!

It’s four magical days at a luxury resort and spa in Atlanta, GA where you (and eleven other incredible ladies) build key relationships, get some much needed downtime, and tweak and perfect your business all around your desired lifestyle.

And whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at this for years, Systems & Scale is perfect for you. There is no level of business that is not welcome and encouraged to join us!

Systems & Scale is for dreaming, laughing, and growing right alongside wine tastings, spa services, and lots and lots of fun.

Let’s build your VA business,
the right fun way.

Need we say more?
It’s all going down on August 6th 2015.


Registration is CLOSED!

Joining us means you’ll walk away with –

  • Lifelong friends and business buddies, the kind you can lean upon or laugh with through anything.
  • A crystal clear vision of the future of your business and a plan to get there — along with all of the support you could ever need.
  • Professional headshots to feature all over your website, so you can start taking your business to the next level right away!
  • New software skills that you sorely need, without any of the excess work, email blasts or false promises of yet another online course.
  • Helpful handouts on each and every business training so you can take all of this learning with you – you know, in case the wine tasting makes it too hard to remember everything!
  • Tons of goodies and surprises! (We can’t reveal everything upfront, can we? That would ruin the surprise!)
  • Loads of cherished memories from this one of a kind experience.
  • A clear, relaxed and rested mind, the kind that can only come from a whole lot of pampering, because you work hard and you deserve it!

Your Accommodations

Oh, we’ll be living in this Chateau. YES, a frickin’ CHATEAU!

No Big Deal. Really Big Deal!

Chateau Elan is North Atlanta’s premier meeting destination. It’s gorgeous inside and out, full of luxury and surrounded by vineyards.


Are you drooling yet?

You may choose double or single occupancy, depending on your preference. And if you’re bringing a friend that you’d like to bunk with (throwback to sleepaway camp, anyone?) Just shoot us an email at and let us know!


Your Itinerary

You’ll fly into Atlanta on August 6th and arrange for a car (co-sharing or otherwise) to whisk you away (45 minutes) to the Chateau.

Upon arrival Thursday evening, we’ll meet up for some welcome drinks and dinner so we can start getting to know one another as we settle in.

Our first retreat day will be entirely devoted to YOU. Yoga, relaxation time, and group discussions all focused on who you really want to work with and how you want to run your business. Because YOU deserve it.

Day two will be focused on your BUSINESS – you’ll receive some necessary training on time management (for both you and your clients) and popular technology (such as Ontraport and Infusionsoft).

AND, did we mention you’ll have your very own photo shoot with a professional headshot photographer? You will.

On the third day, we’ll discuss RELATIONSHIPS and how they serve your success. We’ll talk about handling difficult clients and business contacts, and how to improve your communication so you can keep your life and business thriving, drama-free.

Your Recreation

In between all of this business focus, you’ll have free time throughout the day to nap (who doesn’t love that?), relax, read or enjoy the Chateau’s scenic vineyards, pool & spa.

Possible group activities include hiking, wine tasting, yoga, swimming, walks, and of course lunch and dinner. We’re here to retreat, after all!

payment-buttonRegistration is CLOSED!

Your Hosts



After working as a high level executive assistant for 5 years, Shannon branched into the virtual world to fulfill her dream of traveling more. She quickly became an expert in (virtually) every software and system available to online businesses. Combining her technical know how, eye for details and talent in client service, Shannon went from zero clients to fully booked in less than six months. Now, Shannon is excited to help other aspiring VAs and OBMs. Also, she’s really pumped to live in a Chateau for 4 days! Visit her site here.




Tiffany Manley is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. Prior to booking out her own OBM business, Tiffany owned and operated a successful bakery in Seattle. After months of running back and forth to put out fires (literally and figuratively) she decided it was time to close up shop and start a business from home (now in Alabama!). Tiffany’s incredible biz brain earned her tons of top notch clients and she tripled her income within the first 18 months of launching. She raised her prices three times and her client retention rate is 100%. Tiffany can’t wait to sneak away from her husband and daughter (just for a few days though!) and help other legendary ladies experience the same level of success. Visit her site here.

Your Investment

Double Occupancy Room – Bring a friend or make a friend!


2 pay double

full pay double

Single Occupancy Room


2 pay single
full pay single

How it works.

Choose double or single occupancy and click to purchase. You’ll be asked to provide payment and registration information.

Once your payment is secured, you’ll be sent to a registration form to fill out your booking information!

Next, you’ll receive a separate email inviting you to our private Facebook group. THIS is where we’ll post all of the information about the retreat that you’ll need going forward, so be sure to ask us if you miss the invitation to this group!

If you choose one of the payment plans, you’ll pay 50% when you register and 50% will be drafted 30 days later.

We can’t wait to retreat with you!

All of your questions, answered.

What are the retreat dates?

August 6 – 9, 2015

Where is this Chateau you speak of?

Chateau Elan is in Atlanta, GA! You can check out more details {right here}.

I’m a new VA and have only been in business a few months. Is this still ideal for me?

Absolutely! The beginning is often the best time to invest in your business in order to build foundations for your success. Join us and you’ll learn invaluable business information from insiders who’ve been where you are, plus make meaningful connections to carry into your future career.

What if I’m already successful, but I’ve just hit a plateau?

Perfect! You’re in the exact right place to benefit from growing your support community and taking the time and space you need to reflect on where you want your business to go (and grow!). We’d love for you to offer your personal expertise – as we’ve designed the retreat to be more community oriented. Let’s take your business to the next level and create the life you want!

Can’t I learn software and business stuff online for free. Why would I pay $1,500 to get this same info?

If you would prefer to stay at home, alone, studying your butt off for free, please do!
If that sounds appealing to you, then to be honest, Systems & Scale isn’t the right place for you. (No hard feelings, though!) This retreat is designed for women who know in their bones that they need each other to succeed and that magic really happens when we come together to learn, share, and create awesomeness. They know they’ll walk away with something they can’t get from Google.

I’ve taken so many courses in the past year; how will this be any different?

This isn’t a course, a list of steps, or how-to’s or DIY instructions. This is an experience to remember forever, and we promise, you’ll come away a changed woman.

Can I bring my partner/child/pet?

Unfortunately, no. We love our partners, children, and pets too! But this weekend is all about YOU. We’re willing to bet you don’t take enough time for that special person so this is your time to step away and enjoy a luxurious experience just for you.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Sorry, but we’re not able to offer refunds for cancellations. Because we’re holding space for just 10 exceptional ladies, once spots are sold (and held from other retreat-goers!) they’re off the shelf! If something comes up and you are not able to attend – it’s life, it happens – then you can certainly transfer your registration to someone else who would enjoy this experience in place of you. We’d love for you to join us, but please don’t purchase this unless you are certain you’ll be able to attend.

What should I pack?

Good question! We will send a detailed packing list closer to the event!

I have a food allergy, intolerance or preference to be mindful of. Can you accommodate this?

Of course. We’ll ask for those details in the registrant questionnaire so we are fully prepared for your arrival.

Where do I fly into?

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

How will I get from the airport to Chateau Elan?

Chateau Elan is about a 45-minute car ride from the Atlanta airport. Feel free to schedule transportation with the Chateau directly, use Uber, or grab a taxi and cost-share with another participant. This is a great thing to check with other participants about in the Facebook group.

Help! I have another question!

Feel free to shoot us an email at We’d also be happy to schedule a call to talk through your questions and determine if this might be a good fit for you!

payment-buttonRegistration is CLOSED

Kind words from our clients!


“Tiffany is an absolutely fantastic OBM. She joined my team in the middle of my retreat launch, and within just a few days gave me outstanding insight that prompted me to upgrade the entire sales page and re-think the logistics. This was all while she was transferring my entire business over to Ontraport from 1 Shopping Cart AND helping me prep for another (even bigger) JV launch. I was impressed with her range of capabilities and how much she got my business and knew what my clients and partners wanted (and needed!). She’s smart and organized, and she never once dropped the ball on our work (oh, and my retreat was fabulous!).”

Christie Mims,
CEO The Revolutionary Club



“Shannon is a HERO! In today’s on demand business world, speed is as important as accuracy when evaluating high-level service delivery. And boy does Shannon deliver! Like many small business entrepreneurs, I found myself trying to learn and do it all with regard to my online presence. This led to frustration and inefficiency and kept me from focusing on what I do best. Shannon was able to confidently step in and not only trouble shoot my technical issues, she was able to improve my workflow, streamline my messaging and provide me with valuable peace of mind. Shannon is a strategic asset to any team and she brings her A-Game to every project!”

Carrie Birchler,
CEO Mama’s Gone Green



“Working with Shannon has been an absolute dream! If you’re anything like me, you have a hard time concentrating with a hundred items on your to-do list. For a writer, this is like the kiss of death! Luckily, Shannon came to the rescue. Now, I can rest easy, write freely and know that my clients are taken care of, my intake process runs smoothly, and the small important details are handled. The best part is that she knows how to do so many things that I don’t! So I don’t have to waste hours of my time trying to figure things out. I feel completely supported knowing Shannon has my back so I can focus on writing and booking more clients. In other words, it’s heaven! Seriously, hire Shannon while you can!”

Jamie Jensen,
Copywriter + Bosslady,
Your Hot Copy

payment-buttonRegistration is CLOSED